Hot rolled Steel is derived when steel is roll-pressed at very high temperatures – over 1,700°F – which is above the re-crystallization temperature for most steels.
This process makes the steel easier to form, resulting in products that are easier to work with.
The Hot Rolled Coils have scales on its surface which are the remnants of cooling from extreme temperatures.

hot rolled coils

hot rolled sheets

hot rolled strip coils

hot rolled circles

HOT ROLLED pickled & oiled

Hot rolled steel has scales on its surface which are remnants of cooling from extreme temperatures. However, there are some applications of hot rolled steel that require a uniform and clean surface.
It is the pickling process that removes these scales from hot rolled steel surface using water and other inorganic solutions. The process yields Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel which is free from scales and ideal for applications that require a clean, uniform surface and good flatness.
The primary advantage or purpose of the pickling and oiling conditioning is to reinforce the steel’s protective properties, in particular, against rust.



strip coils & CTS (Cut to size)


cold rolled

Hot Rolled Steel is put through a range of further processing to get Cold Rolled Steel.
The Hot Rolled Coils goes through the process of pickling before being fed into the Tandem Cold Rolling Mill. The output from the Tandem Mill is first cooled at room temperature and then goes through the process of Electrolytic Cleaning before being subjected to Batch Annealing in the furnace. The coils are further passed through the Skin Pass Mill before we get the final product i.e. Cold Rolled Closed Annealed (CRCA) coils.
This results in steel that is superior in terms of dimensional tolerances and offers a wider range of surface finishes.

cold rolled coils

cold rolled sheets

cold rolled strip coils

cold rolled circles


Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel.
Carbon steel that has gone through this chemical process of galvanizing to keep it from corroding is called Galvanized Steel.
The zinc layers created during the galvanizing process produce a protective coat around the steel, locking out moisture and averting corrosion.
Galvanizing also enhances adhesion and abrasion resistance.



GALVANISED strip coils